Nordkapp / TET Sweden (globe north cap)

Date: Summer 2023


1 Day: Herisau AR - Hamburg (860 km)

2 Day: Hamburg - Puttgraden Ferry (174 km)

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2 Day: Rodbyhavn - København (163 km)

3 Day: København - Malmö (42 km)


Öresundsbron Bridge Motorcycle one Way 29.00 EUR 284.00 SEK 210.00 DKK

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eleven countries are visited on the trip. 

Routing Street:  Nord Kapp 2023




In Sweden I will drive off-road as often as possible and camp in nature (wild camping) to enjoy nature's quiet
and between the comforts of civilization. (Hotels, Restaurants etc.)




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Arctic Circle Latitude N 66°33`49.2"    Arctic_Circle Info